the management team

family vibes by this point, tbh... and we wouldn't have it any other way.


jean-françois (jf)


burned out after 14 years in corporate marketing and comms. left a role advising execs to find my purpose and became a professional coach. i'm the kite to craig's string.




worked for multiple multinationals across digital, branding and sales. now i'm driven to make the world a better place for everyone. the string to jf's kite.

Chief People Officer



leader of people across many businesses and projects over 16 years. professional coach. i rely on communication, awareness and trust to get shit done.

our purpose

to help humans self-realise.

our vision

a world where collective realisation is achieved through individual self-realisation.

our mission

to make self-realisation accessible and affordable to one billion people through coaching by 2033.

our values

  • be open and curious.
  • don’t be afraid.
  • love yourself. love others.